Recreation Park

Recreation Park

Recreation Park, also known as Recreation Grounds, The Recs and The Indodrill Stadium for sponsorship reasons, is a football stadium in Alloa, Clackmannanshire, Scotland. It is the home ground of Scottish Professional Football League team Alloa Athletic, who have played there since 1895. Additionally, Broomhill (formerly BSC Glasgow) of the Scottish Lowland Football League have been ground-sharing at Recreation Park since 2016. Central Girls Football Academy has used the stadium for home matches since 2017. The stadium has an artificial playing surface and has a capacity of 3,100.Alloa Athletic have played at Recreation Park since 1895. A wooden main stand was built during the 1920s. Around 1950, a terracing cover was built on the Hilton Road Side.

A record attendance of 15,467 was set by a 1954–55 Scottish Cup match against Celtic. Floodlights were installed in 1979. A new main stand was opened in 1991. The new main stand cost £350,000, most of which was provided by the Football Trust. By the mid-1990s, when the ground was being used for Rangers reserve team matches, capacity had been restricted to just over 4,000.An artificial surface was installed on the ground before the 2007–08 season. A seated stand was constructed on the Hilton Road Side in 2008. Clyde played matches at Recreation Park early in the 2012–13 season, while a synthetic surface was being installed at Broadwood Stadium. Last month my friends invited me to watch the match live at Recreation Park. I live in London, and my friends live in Alloa, Scotland.I went to Heathrow Airport, and due to the heavy storm in Scotland, all flights were cancelled to and from Scotland’s Airports.

Then I thought of the cab service. I called company to book a cab from Heathrow Airport to Recreation Park. company told me that the driver is a few minutes away and will be there shortly. In just under a few minutes the driver came to the airport. He greeted me in a cheerful manner and placed my luggage in the boot of the cab. We were now on our way to the park. On my way to the stadium, I had to pick up one of my friends from Liverpool. So, after driving around for a few hours we stopped near Liverpool where my friend was waiting for me at the bus stop.Now both of us were on our way to the stadium.

After driving around for hours and hours and taking a few stops along the way, we finally arrived at the stadium. It was getting close to the start of the game. The driver gave me my bag and took his leave. Two of our other friends were waiting for us at the entrance to the stadium. The stadium was packed with people and everyone was cheering and rooting for their team.It was a very one-sided game as Alloa Athletic beat Montrose 4-1. We were happy, and the local fans were happy and after the game, we all went to the restaurant to eat something. What an unforgettable experience it was.

Unveiling the Best Places in New Manor Ground

A park is an area of natural, semi-natural, or planted space set aside for human enjoyment and recreation or for the protection of wildlife or natural habitats. Urban parks are green spaces used for recreation inside towns and cities, while national parks and country parks are green spaces used in the countryside. State parks and provincial parks are administered by sub-national government states and agencies. Parks may consist of grassy areas, rocks, soil, and trees, but may also contain buildings and other artifacts such as monuments, fountains, or playground structures. Many parks have fields for playing sports such as baseball and football, paved areas for games such as basketball, and trails for walking, biking, and other activities. Some parks are built adjacent to bodies of water or watercourses and may comprise a beach or boat dock area. The largest parks can be vast natural areas of hundreds of thousands of square kilometers (or square miles), with abundant wildlife and natural features such as mountains and rivers. Camping in tents is allowed with a permit, and many natural parks are protected by law, and users may have to follow restrictions. Large national and sub-national parks are typically overseen by a park ranger. Park design is influenced by the intended purpose and audience, as well as the available land features. A park intended to provide recreation for children may include a playground, while a park primarily intended for adults may feature walking paths and decorative landscaping. Specific features, such as riding trails, may be included to support specific activities. The design of a park may determine who is willing to use it. Walkers might feel unsafe on a mixed-use path that is dominated by fast-moving cyclists or horses. Different landscaping and infrastructure may even affect children's rates of park usage according to gender. Redesigns of two parks in Vienna suggested that the creation of multiple semi-enclosed play areas in a park could encourage equal use by boys and girls. Parks are part of the urban infrastructure: for physical activity, for families and communities to gather and socialize, or for a simple respite. Research reveals that people who exercise outdoors in green-space derive greater mental health benefits. Providing activities for all ages, abilities, and income levels is important for the physical and mental well-being of the public. Parks can also benefit pollinators, and some parks have been redesigned to accommodate them better. Organizations like the Xerces Society promote this idea. City parks play a role in improving cities and improving the futures for residents and visitors. The American Society of Landscape Architects is a strong proponent of parks for cities, arguing that parks are important to the fabric of the community on an individual scale and broader scales such as entire neighborhoods, city districts, or city park systems.

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To ensure your journey is nothing short of exceptional, entrust your transportation needs to us. We pride ourselves on offering amenities designed to elevate your travel experience, sparing you the inconveniences often associated with public transport.

  • Meet and Greet Service:
  • Experience the luxury of our meet-and-greet service. Your dedicated driver will await your arrival, holding a personalized name board, ensuring a seamless transition from your arrival point to your destination.

  • Flight Monitoring:
  • Rest assured, we meticulously track your flight's progress, enabling us to synchronize your driver's arrival precisely with your flight's landing time, eliminating any waiting time on your end.

  • Complimentary 30-Minute Waiting Period:
  • We understand that unforeseen delays can occur. That's why we extend a complimentary 30-minute waiting period, allowing you ample time to navigate through any unexpected circumstances without worry.

  • Professional and Trained Drivers:
  • Our drivers exemplify the epitome of professionalism and expertise. Each chauffeur undergoes rigorous training, ensuring not only a safe and comfortable journey but also maintains immaculate presentation standards.

  • Guaranteed On-Time Pick-Up:

Punctuality is our promise. We prioritize the timely arrival of our drivers, ensuring you are promptly greeted and swiftly transported to your destination without any unnecessary delays.

How to book your Heathrow journey with us?

Heathrow Airport Taxi offers a seamless solution for your airport transfers. Get a quote and book your ride directly, ensuring the best rates and a comfortable journey. No need to worry about finding a taxi upon arrival. With our airport taxi booking service, you can find out the best rates and routes so you can arrange a cab that’s just right for you. Just grab your luggage, meet your driver, and go. No hassles. You can finish your booking in just three steps:

  • Book by calling:

    You can book a taxi by giving a call/WhatsApp by text on our helpline numbers (00442030029028). Our helplines are open 24*7.

  • Book by email:

    One can book the service by dropping an email to us. Our support team can assure you that you will get a response within 15 minutes of that email.

  • Book through the web:

    One can book our service using our website, select your pick up and drop off location then choose the date and time when you need your airport taxi. When you book online you can pay online using a credit card, debit card, or PayPal, or pay the driver in cash.

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A Reliable Option for Airport Transfers

Here we know why we are good for you. You just have to visit our site and will have to book a Minicab with the direct online method or direct calling. We are providing services and booking in both ways. Just book a Minicab and realize each of our words.


Our Highly Professional Drivers:

We usually have Private Hire Drivers just around the corner with Private Hire Licensed and fully insured Vehicles in the airport.

Flight Tracking :

We monitor flights in case of any flight delay we will arrange a driver without any extra cost at the arrival hall according to your landing time. If you are booking online over the phone or email you can inform the scheduled landing time and how many minutes after landing you require a Minicab. Our booking team will mention the scheduled landing time for the driver and we will adjust the pickup time according to landing time and your selected minutes after landing.

Airport Meeting Point:

We have designated meeting points at London Airports:

Airport Parking Charges:

 Airport Parking Charges to cover up to 30 minutes of car parking.

Airport Delights Await You:

In today's world, UK airports transcend their traditional roles as mere landing spots for aircraft. They have transformed into vibrant centers of entertainment, offering a plethora of captivating options to captivate travelers during delays or layovers.

Reading Retreats:

Step into a haven of tranquility within the confines of the airport. Discover secluded reading nooks that beckon with the promise of literary escape. Here, amidst the pages of a good book, find solace and serenity amid the chaos of travel.

Gaming Galore:

For the gaming aficionados among us, airports unveil dedicated gaming zones brimming with an abundance of virtual adventures. Immerse yourself in a world of pixels and challenges, where every level conquered brings a sense of triumph and joy.

Cinematic Spectacles:

Experience the magic of the silver screen like never before. Journey to mini-cinemas nestled within airport confines, where the latest blockbusters and TV shows unfold in larger-than-life splendor. Let yourself be transported to far-off worlds and captivating narratives, all within the comfort of the airport walls.

With these extraordinary entertainment options at your disposal, your journey through the airport becomes a delightful adventure in itself. Bid farewell to boredom and embrace the excitement of discovery as you navigate delays and layovers with ease. Let each moment at the airport be not just a passage of time, but a memorable and enjoyable part of your travel experience.

Peak Rush Hours for Minicabs:

As one of the busiest and most visited cities, London experiences significant traffic congestion during peak hours.

Morning Rush and Peak Hours:

Between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM, the city wakes up to bustling streets and heightened traffic activity as commuters head to work and school, making this period particularly congested.

Evening Rush and Peak Hours:

From 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM, London experiences another surge in traffic as residents and visitors navigate their way home or out for leisure activities. These hours mark the peak of evening congestion, with roads filled with vehicles vying for space on the busy streets.

Terms and Conditions:

Cancellations and Refunds:

  • Before 12 hours from the agreed pickup time: A full refund is assured.
  • Less than 12 hours before pickup: Refunds are generally withheld. However, clients presenting substantiated flight cancellations are entitled to a full refund, even within the 12-hour window.
  • Pricing Mechanism:

    Upon completion of booking with us, the fare remains fixed, ensuring transparency and consistency for our clients.

  • Child Safety Provisions:

    In compliance with UK Government Guidelines, company permits the transportation of children and infants without requiring child or infant car seats. Clients requesting specific car seats will incur an additional fee of £15 per infant/child.

  • Vehicle Selection:

    Clients are responsible for selecting an appropriate vehicle type to accommodate passenger numbers and luggage requirements. Comprehensive details regarding our fleet are accessible at Company's site. Any discrepancies between the ordered and dispatched vehicle types will be promptly rectified to ensure client satisfaction.

  • Lost Items Procedure:

    In the event of lost belongings within our vehicles, Company will make immediate efforts to contact the owner. If communication attempts prove unsuccessful, the company undertakes to securely store the items while arranging their eventual return.

Train Strike

During train strikes in London, when public transportation options become limited, many commuters turn to private minicabs for their travel needs. However, not all cab services operate during these disruptions. That's where we come in. We pride ourselves on being the best option for you during train strikes. While other cab services may not be available, we remain committed to providing you with reliable transportation, ensuring you reach your destination safely and on time, regardless of the circumstances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you provide a discount to customers who arrive by train?

Ans. Yes, we do this for our customers.

Q. Is there a charge for waiting or is it free?

Ans. We provide free waiting up to 30 minutes after the agreed pickup time.

Q. Do you provide airport services?

Ans. Yes, we do provide airport services.

Q. Do you help people who are disabled?

Ans. We do help disabled people.

Q. Do you offer the service of guided dogs?

Ans. Yes, We provide the service of guided dogs.

Q. Is the service available on a shared basis?

Ans. No, we don’t provide sharing cabs.

Q. Do you help with customer service?

Ans. Customer service is available.

Our Clients Testimonials

Reliable cost

It is very costly to find a cab in London city but BAC gives good service at low cost.
star star star star star

easy booking

There are many options to book a cab from BAC as options are always good.
star star star star star


I find it very easy to book a cab from BAC.
star star star star star


I never hired a cab from a local company as I have security issues. I prefer good ranked services.
star star star star star

Best Service!

I always find a different experience when visiting London city airport to city but last was amazing.
star star star star star

top notch cab service

Since we were a big family, we hired two cabs. The driver picked us up from the airport and then dropped us off at our hotel. The next day he was waiting outside our hotel at our agreed time. He spent the whole day with us. We continued using his service for the rest of our time in London. He provided water and the car was always very clean. 
star star star star star

worth the money

Would not hesitate to recommend this service which was worth the money.
star star star star star


Fortunately, I found a good cab service for the first time.
star star star star star

First rate! service

The cab arrived very punctually and the journey was smooth. Online booking was also simple. (I tried another company first but wasn't able to book and gave up.) First rate!
star star star star star

Professional Service

I was having difficulty finding a cab service online that could accommodate my family of six. I was a bit sceptical about having to pay in advance but I booked a trip with BAC. Our flight was almost two hours late and even though we agreed to only wait for an hour, the driver waited for us for 2 hours.
star star star star star

Professional staff

Professional staff from any service matters a lot and very few have that.
star star star star star

Good Staff.

I travel a lot and when I travel to a city I don't know about the routes. BAC cab provides the best service with guidance also.
star star star star star

Best Service

Best services in London city are always found just from BAC
star star star star star

best cars

The car was comfortable and spacious for five people.
star star star star star

best cab

The driver was on time and contacted me on arrival to let me know his name and meeting point.
star star star star star


My new go-to cab company! Friendly, punctual, and flexible. What more can you ask for?
star star star star star


Excellent customer service, value for money and no task is too onerous for these guys.
star star star star star

Best Cabs

Best thing about travel in London is using Luxurious cabs running on London roads.
star star star star star

On-time service

When I found a driver already waiting for me at the airport, it was a good feeling because I didn't have to wait for anyone.
star star star star star

Highly recommended

I find travelling from home to the airport very hectic but with BAC It was amazing last time.
star star star star star